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Front Exit

Exit via a front ramp eliminates the backing out of the horse after being under hard working conditions.

Side Exit

With the side door to the catwalk, the attendant is able to lead a horse who is unfamiliar with treadmills, into the work area then exit , through the side door directly onto the catwalk.

Uphill Working

The elevation is variable from 0º-7º with fingertip control.

Chest Bar

The chest bar is padded for maximum protection.

Rear Gate

A rear padded bar has been included to contain the horse in the work area and it operates simultaneously with the rear gate.


Spacious area for the operator to control the treadmill and watch the horse in the work area.


A catwalk handrail has been added for the operators` safety and comfort whilst controlling the treadmill and viewing the horse in its` work area.


The design of the machine allows a clear passage of air to flow through and around the machine.


Full rear and frontal viewing of the horse is possible while the horse is working.

One Unit

The Classic Treadmill is completely packaged in the one unit for ease of transport.

Lifting Hook

There is a central lifting point jig fitted to the unit for ease of unloading and placement.
This machine can also be moved and placed easily with a forklift. Additionally the bottom base assembly
is manufactured on skids to allow the simple use of pipes or rollers to roll the machine into its` final position.